(Tas) Track Racing @ Newtown Oval

Track racing will be starting now that the longer days are upon us.

  • Friday nights at Newtown Oval (behind the Bartercard Stadium on the corner of Main Road and Creek Road), official racing will start at 6:30pm but people will probably be round from before that.
  • The first series will run from October through to Christmas, with another series after Christmas depending on interest
  • The first 3 weeks will be familiarisation and practice, to let new people get used to the track and bikes, and allow the seasoned campaigners to pass on some of the ancient art of track craft.
  • If you don’t have a track bike, we’ll be allowing roadbikes on the track during practice, and if there’s enough we can have some roadie only racing.
  • you must be CA licenced to race.

Come out and see what all the fuss is about. Even if you don’t ride or race, it’s great to watch people turn themselves inside out.

A website will be up shortly with more details. Frr any queries contact Simon on svanderaa@iconservices.com.au.


Disconnect their brakes!!

Bump. We’'re heading out again tomorrow. There was a big crew last week, good times. One day I’ll have the right gearing to actually get on the track.

‘egg beater’ street gearing race Sekt? …hmmn, sub 70 gears inches to enter??

…go splash out on a 14t rear cog and hit up b-grade with me bro.

I’m waiting for them to bring in a C Grade, haha.