Tasmania: Western Explorer Road

Hello, just wondering if anyone has ridden the Western Explorer Road in Tasmania and more to the point how rough is rough?
MTB touring only or suitable for touring bike? Am looking to include it on a tour in November.

Cheers, Simon.

I did it about 4 years ago on a dirt bike. While well made and easy to follow there were a few long stretches of quite large gravel and lots of fine dust. It’s a great route and would be a beautiful experience on a bicycle over a few days. I met a cyclist coming the other way on an older touring bike who had cracked his rear rim on the road. My remembrance is that it would be doable on a touring bike with a light load, but I wouldn’t want to have a deadline to meet.

This sounds highly promising.


Hasn’t Tris done it?

wouldn’t do it before late November/December too cold

Good point, I will look in to this. Thank you.

I will follow this up, thank you as I wondered this too.

I emailed you both. Did I use the wrong email?

i drove it last november. whilst i’m aware that this is extremely different to riding it, i don’t recall it being overly rough/sandy etc. definitely didn’t need to engage 4wd etc.

saw two massive wedge tail eagles take off from some roadkill too. that was ace.

did you need a 8mm at any point?

I needed nothing.

Low range?

Windscreen wipers?

Low pressure?

answers provided.

Yes, ridden the Western Explorer. Kona Paddywagon w/32s. I was based at Arthur River (Ranger) and rode it regularly. It’s hilly and remote. Any bike with room for a 32 or wider tyre would be fine. Weather, avoid winter. Take a Spot Tracker, there isn’t any mobile phone coverage and traffic is low, very low. The food and beer at Corinna tastes like magic.