Looking at doing a tasy tour on my bike with a couple of mates. Looking for some starting points… definately want to include the west coast. Looking to head around jan-mar next year… whats the weather like then?

I toured Launceston->Deloraine->Launceston->St. Helens->Coles Bay->Hobart in ~Nov last year over ~10 days with days off in Coles Bay & Hobart. Fly in - fly out. It was great.

Missed the West coast, would like to go back and cover that side. Google Giro Tasmania for a guide to circumnavigating the island.

Take gears, camp if you can, otherwise there’s enough country pubs & backpackers to stay in. Be prepared for rain, especially on the West coast. Watch out for drink drivers and logging trucks.

As Blakey said be prepared, the West Coast is pretty dangerous even traveling by car.

Hit me up if you need some cheap accom in the central highlands.

Weather should be good that time of year.

Don’t miss the vineyards along the Tamar river and in the North East.

East coast is sandy beaches and open roads, West coast is forest and dramatic coastlines. Some quaint towns throughout the midlands but probably not the best riding.

PM Sekt of the Bottles & Chains crew for all Tas cycling 411.

Edit: Get the boat over from Melburn to Devonport. Apparently you can get a discount if you take your bike.