Tasmanian pride

My very recently completed Ken Self track bike! Damn exciting. It’s an amazing bike to ride. My first fixed gear too.

Hand painted (no decals) Ken Self frame, Ishawata tubing. Built back in '72. Zeus hubs laced to Mavic MA40 rims. Zeus cranks, Campy aero post, Cinelli bars, Shimano pedals & clips, and other pieces.

Tasmanian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, American…truly international.

Bottles and chains!

That is soooo nice.

But, for goodness sake - the seat should be level! :wink:

Haha I know, it’s actually been bugging me. I think about it when I’m on the bike, but as soon as I jump off I forget to fix it up.

Hopefully some better/not blurry photos coming soon.