tattoo in nz south island.

going on my first overseas trip and i want to get a tat while im there…

I’ll chip in $50 towards the tattoo if it’s of the Chappell brothers.

Nah Burt Munroe


Ha, so it has to be under the arm…

how is that?

I hate to be serious, but you should get user camoshop to do his rendition of a kiwi bird. That would be boss.

Get this guy:

Kiwis will get it, (my mate has it on his leg)

Where exactly in the Sth Is. are you going and what are you gonna do? might be good to get something relevant?

An old workmate got the 3 species of native beech (not counting a disputed varietal) tattooed on her arm 1:1 scale, in a scientific drawng style so she could use her arm like a reference - we were working as botanists in the bush. Not somehting I would do, but I thought it was kinda rad.

edit: also don’t be a foreigner (this is usually clueless english and germans) who gets a generic Maori tattoo on their shoulder.

I’d get a kakapo. Kakapo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here’s a picture of Luketherider taking the courtesy car to the tattoo parlour…

Where in the south island ?

Have a variety of tats, no specific style those botanical drawings are beautiful. Something native would be nice. Landing in going to then up towards wanika one night/ day in Wellington then back to
The more I look at it the idea of a native botanical would be beautiful. Leaving n the 24feb.can kinda go anywhere or above not really planing to go further than that. Also good cafes a nice eat/drink in Wellington?? And generally all over from the Nz chapter
Would never get Mauri tat. Too important and not my history and bloodline.

as fore mentioned i like the idea of botanical drawings… was looking for NZ’s national flower and it seems that there is no actual national flower; but lots of sites mention the Kowhai. as i dont do colour (my skin spits it out) this seems nice…
need some local NZ chapter from across the pacific.

its botanical name is… Sophora microphylla
some names of tat houses around the sth.island. only need a good liner.

Cool, Yeah I like botanical drawings. Think its my science background.

Some other native trees to consider:

Pohutakawa - Metrosideros excelsa

Rata - Metrosideroes (various species)

both are flowing trees/vines.

The cabbage tree - Cordyline australis, is pretty distinctive too.

But I think just find a native plant you like while your there and get that.

This book is an amazing reference - it will be in the reference section of most NZ libraries (and maybe some Australian ones)

Eagle’s Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand, Audrey Eagle Neil Pardington (Designed ) - Shop Online for Books in Australia -

and +1 for your stance on Maori tatts. I feel the same.

p.s. Hit up ‘Smash Palace’ in CHCH, a good bar.

P.p.s - yes good cafes in Welly, similar cafe scene to Melbs with alot of local roasters, 6ish for a city of ~300’000 when I left 3 yrs ago. and good record stores if your into that.