TeeKays magical mystery tour of brisbane

Don’t let this thread go sour now. Alleycats are meant to be fun, the rest of it is just politics and bullshit.

there are 15 messengers in brisbane, if you count the part timers.
my way of doing things is very very simple.
you turn up at the start line, 5 minutes before the gate, you get given a manifest with anywhere between 4 and 10 stops on it. each stop has an address, and a specific point (175 eagle, standing next to the hands) and there will be a map on the back with the points marked for those that don’t know the city so well. when you get to the point you will see a person with a dead cat shirt. you get the persons name and move on to the next point. you can do them in any order, and the first person to the finish is the winner.
if you can remember each persons name, and which point they are at, then you can just race to each place, ask the name and ride to the next. but you have to have the right name at the right point and written down on the manifest to win. the manifest has to be readable. don’t go stuffing it into the crotch of your shorts like one person did last time, cause i’m not touching that to check it.
that’s it. if a non messenger wins, so be it. if you can beat us at our own game, bring it on. i’m not setting this up to seperate different groups of riders, but you accept when you line up that you will be racing by our rules, and you also accept what ever happens to you if you do race. i’m not trelling people to run lights or split lanes, thats how we ride, and you choose for yourself. it’s why i say lock and a bag. thats what we have to have, and this is a messenger race. it’s why i want the manifest in good condition. we get shit on from a great hight if stuff turns up mangled.
if you ride, and you’re not a total dick, you’ll have fun, meet some people, drink some booze, and might win some shit. what more can you ask for?
if it gets turned into a wank fest, i can promise it won’t be by any of the bris messes, or their freinds.

yes, it’s still happening.
you know where and when.
see you there

Well, seeming as I really only know Roma street, Ann Street, the bridges…and still get lost driving home from work…I think its going to be a blast.

many many thanks to rogaine for the awesome maps he’s provided.
and he’s an evil, evil man.
so turn up and have a go.

i can imagine anyone with the nickname ‘rogaine’ is going to provide some interesting routes to say the least :slight_smile:

alleycats would go to a whole new level if they merged with rogaining/orienteering.





evil i tell you, EVIL…

it’s not far off an alleycat already…

just make all the checkpoints optional, and give them points… throw in some red herrings, hidden points, and a timelimit and and you have it: alleygaine.

winner is the highest score. no prizes, no trophies… just the warm glow of success.

Suddenly I am struck with fear in my belly, knowing that sir rogaine has had his input. “Hell on Wheels” will be nothing compared to this…lucky for me I’m on the belgium mix.

… alright, a little bit of course insight … earlier in the week we had what was potentially a “soldier’s course” - one logical route choice; follow the leader …

the map as you’ll get it tomorrow offers three basic route choices with less than 5% distance variance between them - the opportunity is there for someone to think his way to the win …

… then again, some guy on a bike might just blitz it …

… let the games begin!!

Disclaimer - “no correspondence will be entered into …”

Perfect…will carry my street directory in my bag, that will help me good…

well, it’s been run. we had some carnage, we had some lost ones, we had lots of beer.

i was able to follow the progress from the begining by the outraged horns and shouting, so it went fairly well.
many thanks to rogaine for all his work on the map and helping with the checkpoints.
i’m writing up a proper report thingie for the site and i’ll post it up when it’s done.
thanks to everyone and i hope you had fun with it.

any pics?

Well, I would have to say that the alleycat 2 was a huge success, and everyone had only but positive things to say after the event. I would say that it was very non-courier friendly…BUT…it certainly wasn’t non-Brisbane friendly!!

I knew when I was handed an almost blank map of Brisbane (minimal street names on it), that I was in for trouble. The start went, and I and aprrox 14 others was off to the first point. (toot, honk, F*#k) A very fast left-hander straight away saw me riding stright up a one-way street onto oncoming rush of 6pm traffic. SHIT SHIT…(sadly this happened six more times in the night). and set the tone for how little I knew about brisbane streets. I was doing alright, until I just got lost. On one of the points I had no idea…lost in a city with a map of no street names. I went from happy to pretty-angry in a short amount of time. I ended up asking some strange looking lady where the city was…yeah kinda lost. Spent 10 mins finding that one point, found it and the rest quite quickly. Oh well…it was more fun getting lost than the actual event. Very well organised…with helpers at each checkpoint!!

Should have done what the smart people did, like what Inane did…bought a map of his own.

Round One may have gone to the couriers, but I will be back…street smart and ready to rock…fast!! Just need to shadow a courier on my day off and learn the streets.