Tekkers is PRO

  1. I asked a team bus driver what kind of music riders liked to listen to while going to races, or during transfers, since he said he never got to pick the music. When I asked this, the poor guy looked like a beaten man. He painfully rubbed his eyes for effect, and proceeded to make a thumping bass sound with his mouth, followed by some high-pitched beeping sounds in a frantic tempo. His description was accompanied by some New Jersey style fist pumping.

From Cycling Inquisition.

this is so good.

Imagine how different history would’ve been if, say, Judas Priest had recorded ‘Tour de France’ rather than Kraftwerk.

I can’t listen to “dance music” while going to or riding a bike.
Tiger army and Lana del ray or some other crap.


in my experience music taste seems inversely proportional to cycling ability

Good man :wink:
Saunderson, Atkins, May spoken here.


Jeff Fucking Mills!!!
Long live DETROIT techno

PS. Metal is great too but techno will live in my heart forever, but I’m old and have come full circle.

The Wizard at work.

Seconded! Mostly Atkins for me though - Model 500 FTW!


Is that from the window shop gig a while back? Never really seen it in the full!

It’s from ‘The Exhibitionist’ DVD that he put out in Japan like 10 years ago… which is, of course, now on Youtube in full!

Ah yes that’s the one, I was thinking window shop 'cos of the cover. Cheers for the link!

You/me = same language. No spring chicken either … in fact it seems like a lifetime ago but we put on a big party here in the early 90’s that was headlined by UR. Fun days, when we could almost get away with anything :wink:



I will say/have to add … I’ve met some cool people in my life but there’s something in the water in Detroit … per capita the coolest people I’ve ever met, without any close 2nd. Unfortunately, I’ve never been there.

Thread dig as Jeff Mills is playing in Melburn tonight and I can not wait! He even requested the closing set from 2am, what a boss!


He isn’t called the purpose maker for nothing!

edit: fb gig link

Spirito if you read this, OMG! Last night was insane. Felt like I was 22 again. Jeff Mills is the the King of Techno.

Sorry for the tekkers love overload to everyone else. But those who know, will know. :wink:

Awesome, such stuff is fun especially when it’s still buzzing in your ears and the tunes have changed our head chemicals. Keep the buzz and happy to hear the maestro.