Tektro FL750 lever help

Anyone know how to setup these style levers?

Even when I seem to have the tension all setup correctly, the cable nipple falls out of the holder thingy way too easily.

I am obviously missing something simple here, so please help.

Looked all over the internet and can’t find the info I need. Fairly new to bike stuff and never used these style of levers before.

Thank you :blush:

cannot for the life of me figure out how to post an image here.

so I’ll link to the product instead:

what do the ends of your cables look like?

top or bottom?

Also this:

A. Shimano Brake Cable
B. Campagnolo Brake Cable
C. Mountain Brake Cable
D. Shimano Shifter Cable
E. Campagnolo Shifter Cable

Note that the Shimano brake cable end is a bit bigger than the Campy one.

If the brake has enough spring tension it should keep the cable end (bottom one) seated. IMHO get different levers. They’re just a bit shit really. BL-R550/R780 are cheap and great (there are linear pull / convertible versions.)

what brakes do you have? those levers come in linear and caliper pull.

Firstly, thanks for help everyone, much appreciated.

@a.davis12 - top

@diddy - C

are these the correct cables?

@AL9000 - I’ve got caliper brakes. Fair enough, will definitely look at better levers if these are just a shit design. For now, would love to get rolling with them though.

incorrecty cabley. you want either A or B out of Diddys picture. the round end cables fit into MTB levers with slots like this:

(this is a terrible photo, but basically the slot the flat part in from a cutout underneath the lever, TLDR you need the bullet shaped brake cable ends)

better pic of what your cables fit.

Ok. new cables is cheaper. Do that first. The reduced section of the bowden end should seat in the hole in the cable anchor.

And… if you can get some disc brake cable guide clips, you could put them on to stop the cable escaping:

LBS should have some.

Case closed, thank you for the help dudes :slight_smile:

Off to the LBS for cables.

Pretty sure the brakes come with those clips. The two sets I’ve bought have.

do sram have their own cables ?

Shimano (type D) fit SRAM levers, usually.

Non campy road brake cables can jam in campy shakes.

Shramm road or gripshift are supposed to take 1.1mm gear cables, and trying to fit a 1.2mm one can be hard to impossible.

Fitting a 1.2mm inner in a 1.1mm housing could be tight/draggy also.