Tell me if I'm wrong, but..

…is it possible to ride brakeless and clips / strapless on a fixed and still safely stop?

I ride with a front brake and clips, and to skid I pull up on my left foot (into the clips) and push back on my right. Kinda like ollieing. Kinda.

I was wondering how you can skid with out clips? I’ve seen footage of people doing those sweeping skid / turns / 180’s with only one foot (and usually that foot not in clips)…?

Do I have some weird skidding style?

Why do people ride with no clips and no brakes? I was always under the impression that this is crazy and extremely unsafe.

Am I asking too many questions for a Friday?

It is.

No straps would be more for just flat tricks… and slowish skids so you can bail probably. I’m no genius but that’s just how I’d see it work. Definitely wouldn’t bomb hills with no clips I don’t think.

With the one foot skip I’d assume it’s just locking your right (or left) leg when the pedal gets to the right point and holding.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. i’m just seeing a lot of fixeds getting around with no clips and no brakes.

They probably won’t be around much longer.

Easy - just tuck your toe under the front pedal… Bingo bango: Skid. Not sure I’d want to rely on that to slow down or stop tho :slight_smile:

So pulling up with your leading foot is howyou’re supposed to do it? So I’m not crazy…?

Oh yeah, I’m not gonna try putting my foot under the pedal, I can see that ending very painfully.

Basically you need to resist the forward motion of the pedals. That means either pulling up on the front pedal or pushing down on the rear pedal or doing both at the same time. Whatever works for you.


i seem to remember reading this somewhere described as a jamaican skid,
at low speeds its a really nice thing to do, because you get a large amount of leverage, but in a low gear like alot of these guys seem to run, coming down a hill at speed, the thought of having to get a foot underneath a moving pedal scares me a lot, misjudge a little, and you’ll end up balls to steel.

Yeah… that all sounds great until you rip your new Vans ERA’s on the pedals !

these guise are going to become literal fashion victims before too long…

…mind you running 20:39 it’s probably going to happen to me too :expressionless:


Lots of people really blow it out of proportion, its not that difficult to ride at all. I was doing it for about 3-4 months on my 700c fixie, rode a few alleycats with it, no problems, and now have the flat pedals on my 27 inch fixie instead. A mate of mine has never had clips or clipless pedals and has been riding for about a year…no problems.

Skidding is incredibly easy, you don’t need to hook your foot or anything, you just push back with your preffered foot. Most people who criticise it have never ridden like that for a sustained period of time, and therefore have no clue what they are talking about.

Does it make me sound old if i say i’ve been doin it for years?