Tempe Velodrome

Does anyone on here go to Tempe Velodrome for rides and races? I’m moving to the area in a few weeks and very keen to get some laps in.

I’ve searched threads and all I seem to pull back is stuff from 2007…

Let me know, keen to to meet up and get my track bike on the track

i know a bloke that does. he’s in the dulwich hill bike club (DHBC), theyre a pretty friendly mob.

this guy, adrian: http://www.sydneycyclist.com/profile/Adrian

can probably answer a question or 2…

Thanks for that, I’ll look him up!



Not sure if this is too late, but there is a good crew which at Tempe on various nights.

Wednesday is DHCC training from 6.30ish (Jnr’s 1st). They are a friendly bunch as listed above 7 run a number of drills and laps behind the motor bike.

From Thursday 15th Jan 2009 RBCC have racing from 6.30 to about 9pm with 6 or so races in all grades.
DHCC have roller sessions inside on Thursday also.

I’m not 100%, but think there is Monday night training also.

Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you there.


Litespeed, thanks for that - good info. I managed to get most of that through another channel. I’m here now and so is the bike so ready to ride. I’ll see you there one night.