Terra Australis Bike Epic

This didn’t get any attention here, but this blog post is a good case study on how not to handle a failed event:

TLDR; dude spent ages organising a race, then it went to shit due to advice from the local authorities & word of mouth amongst riders? then coz it’s not gone to plan the race organiser has shat the bed & blamed it all on the decisions made in the moment by exhausted & weary riders in the middle of nowhere…?


Actually hilarious, if somewhat sad.

i would very much like to hear the rider’s perspective on this one…

Lol. This guy said my bike with its basket would fall apart and not make it thru the first hunt 1000. Despite the fact he wasn’t racing and hadn’t ridden the route. Basically seems to have plenty of opinions about everything.

Funny how race to the rock goes comparitively smoothy each yeah with regard to people changing their personal route etc. Jesse doesn’t blame the riders but says well done for having a crack.

Sounds like it would have been greatly improved by having someone from the race out in the course to communicate with riders and police, and giving the riders some reason to have confidence in his route planning as well. I’ve seen the time Race to the Rock puts into researching routes and testing them, if I thought the organiser hadn’t done his due diligence I’d be inclined to detour as well. The roads should be a considered risk, not ridic dangerous