teschner track pro.
easton carbon track bars.
oval concepts stem.
mavic ellipse wheelset.
teschner seatpost.
fizik hp pave saddle.
speedplay stainless steel pedals.
dura ace drivetrain and bb.
running 48 - 14 in this pic. 92.6 gear inches.
photo c/o TC.

pin a number on, bitches.

Pop it up.

It’s okay I guess… :lol:

WOW welcome to the crabon fibre world Brendan. Does does it feel?

the black night always triumphs!

It feels good.

how do you find the speedplays?

Speedplays are the ONLY pedal.

Where did you come in this race?

i was initially quite fond of them - i like being able to just mash into the pedals, without worrying about which side is which - but the cleats are wearing out quickly. the more they wear out the less i like them.

this is A grade at northcote. i came fifth - behind a bunch of kids from the national talent identification scheme and kid in a blue skinsuit with a big white V on it. i did, however, beat national (junior) champion madison hammond. i mean, he went hard early and blew up, but i still beat him. it totally still counts. right? right?

Northcote is farrking hard, so prefer laid back Brunswick. Good job mate.

What do you mean the cleats are wearing out? I do thousands of kays on mine in all weather and NEVER do any maintenance on them. I’ve only gone through one set of cleats in four years. Weird.

hey brendan i found a close up of your bike,

a tirestorm to purify amirite?

can it do madd barspinzzz?


i really do have a straight edge sticker on my teschner!

it’s for life…

awesome. . . . for life!

the edge, that is. not the teschner. as of next year it may well not conform to UCI regulations.

Why do you need to worry about that?

i’m not, really, despite everyone telling me that i should be. i figure they’ll take about ten years to trickle down to club level, which is all i give a shit about.

I’d be EXTREMELY suprised if anything like that ever trickled down to club level.

Even when racing opens like Bay Crits etc nobody ever weighs your bike, nobody ever gets drug tested etc.

What’s wrong with the Teschner anyway?

some of the tubing exceeds the new 3:1 ratio, apparently. you know, it’s not allowed to be more than 3 times thicker than it is wide. or something. i wasn’t really listening.

I thought that was only for road?

hang on a minute… this could be awesome. EPO is still edge, right?