Texas Rando Stampede on fixed

Spencer Klaassen got round the Texas 1200 km randonnee on his fixed wheel Gaansari in under 86 hrs, despite blowing out his rear rim due to brake wear and over 1000 km of headwinds. His plans this year include riding from Minnesota to Colorado to do the High Country 1200 (and back), along with the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200.

Nice. I just read about his Pony Express ride on xo-1.org. Good inspiration.

When I did PBP in 2007 there was a full-on San Francisco hipster, on a brakeless track bike, with a messenger bag, cycle cap, about two feet of saddle-bar drop… and PBP race plates. Retarded and hilarious. Pretty sure he finished.

  • Joel

No doubt there is somebody but I’m struggling think of any fixed rider who has failed to finish PBP. Certainly their DNF rate is better than the standard 1 in 7.