texts from last night

Been looking at http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/ for a while now.

Usually good for wasting an hour or 2

welcome to april, holmes.


Ahaha, fair enough… showing my age now!!

how about http://www.humansexmap.com/ then

http://tvtropes.org is good for losing several hours without even realising.

there are people with a clown fetish?

Oh yeah, according to the map there nothing some people won’t do. It really pretty creepy when you think about it

TFLN is so much better then all the generic My life is X sites.

it lacks 14 year olds saying “I fell over last night FML” or “I didn’t fall over last night. MLIA”

omg, wtf is mlia!!

My life is average.
its people talking about how average their lives are.


TFLN is brilliant.

seems every second text is about some walk of shame or people being ridiculously drunk and doing stupid shit. love it!!

makes me wanna go to college in the US…kinda :stuck_out_tongue: