thank you

thanks for not approving my posts in the trade section,

I was posting in behalf of a friend who is not subscribed, apparently some people are allowed and some not?!

anyway thanks FOA, once again

hello Dave.

hot tip, got an issue, how about you PM one of the mods and ask for clarification, instead of posting some passive aggressive shit like this thanking people for ‘not’ doing things.

did you read the rules in the trading section?

there’s no selling for other ppl. putting it in the eBay section was a good move.

post any other bullshit like this & you’re getting a ban.

got an issue with this post, pm me, we’re done here.

Read this:

especially this:

[i]No selling items for other people. They can get their own account or take it to ebay/gumtree.

[/i]Then, if you still have questions/issues, PM a mod, or post asking politely, not in a passive aggressive manner.

If after that you don’t like the way this place is run, then maybe FOA isn’t for you.