The 4th anual Summer of Fixty-9

who has the hottest night club in town… my boot

^that was my desktop background at work for ages… love it

this might be the wrong forum but whats the best way to get rid of dead hooker smell? my boot has been smelling for weeks now.

get multiple falcons

i think your onto something here

smell of dead babies should overpower it I reckon

i no longer have any sense of smell due to my coke habbit but its just bad vibes for the hookers that get into my car

prizes are starting to roll in,


Summer of Fixty-9 – ON STANDBY

Due to current weather conditions we will not be holding the race tomorrow. Please keep and eye on the blog we will be announcing a new date soon.

fucking Budd Dwyer time

oh sheet, this guy, he’s all “i’d need a gun this much bigger than what labor are proposing”

this weekend bitches

can the meeting point please be described with a little more detail?

pretty sure I can note quite a number of “surfers paradise” signs

have you heard of the google?

arh that one - without reference to strippers, sluts and other such things, I’ve no idea how to find my way around the gold coast whatsoever

for future reference, I suggest noting this location as “across the road from where all the drunk moles procure cheese burgers”

yea thats cool, most of our key reference points on the coast are either the strip clubs or fuck off sized buildings, so its pretty easy to navigate around