The 4th anual Summer of Fixty-9

It’s on again thanks in big part to Bennet/ DesignFuck. I was feeling a bit lazy but he’s got the ball rolling.

When: 28th Jan
Where: Beach end of the Cavil mall under the Surfers Paradise sign
Why: Cause it’s fun to run over tourists and punch cabbies.

Bring your Unit T and a can of Rockstar.

schoolies yeeew

you should jump off the balcony to the pool bra you will totes make it churrrr unit bra

must be a balcony>pool jump task checkpoint.

marry me

save the date bitches

its here its here!

Ok so Bennet has got some sweet prizes from our sponsors and the route is being sorted. Get amped to dodge cars and get yelled at by Unit wearing bogans in utes. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeek as bro!!!

what’s this “bag” shit??? I fuking hate riding with bags

a is bag were you put your coke and money in, money goes to hookers and more coke

noted with thanks kind sir

Everlast bum bags worn like messenger bags is the bag of choice in surfers.

oh shit yeah i’m on that one bum bags over the shoulder, and air horns strapped into handle bar bottle cages, for ronald and his taxi driving buddies!

Couple of small changes due to shirts and his disregard for bags. You won’t need a bag but you will need a camera. Each checkpoint will be something you have to take a picture of. Coke and hookers will be two of those things…


im still taking the biggest bag i owe just in case my dealer calls with a fresh batch

of hookers??? must be a big bag

Yeah but the meth habit has made them very light weight.

not as big as the boot of the falcon

there’s no need to hog the hos bro