The B.I.G High Rollers Poker-Cat

is marty doing another 200 hour shift this friday?

Whitedawgkents!! Get mah lean and pappa smurffff on. Some proper sizzurppprpldrank for your pie holes kentss. Sinking ice cold batteries like it aint no thang. Skeetskeet




hahaha, mike just had to go up one level and get this vb wannabe

Export before Bitter, yo’ sitting on the shitter

Bitter before Export, skeetin up in yo’ bike shorts

You write rhymes like a craft.
Lol at your Emu Draught. :open_mouth:

lol emu draught…midstrenght shite. Emu Export is still girls beer at 4.5% but it tastes like the floor of a turkish lavatory so its aiiiight with me

faggot there is a typo in yo sig mo’fucker!

And skoggiewoggies too HA HA HA RETARDS

whos got a typo? the faggot who made the account!!! LOLWTFBBQ drunk dogs. Have you not noticed it was always missing an ‘S’ i dare you to try that link with and without the s and see who’s baws.

If I had a hat right now, I’d eat it.

I also just died a little inside HA Ha fuck HA better go change my sig Ha

lol our comments got deleted…

Who’s a bawssssss now ha ha!! Man this hotel in Geraldton is so bad!! Worse than the one I stay at in Port Heinous!

lol dero gero…