The Baller Thread.

ballin’ ain’t cheap, and there’s a few peeps on here that know only too well. :cool:

i’ll start with this NOS gold cinelli stem.

Cinelli Gold 1R Stem 100mm Fits Cinelli Colnago Masi DE Rosa Very Rare | eBay

.and a technogrammo

Cinelli Grammo ART Titanium Anodized Stem 90 OR 100mm 26 0 Made IN Italy 1" | eBay

what else you got?

NOS Cinelli VIP set?

Cinelli VIP Handlebar Stem Saddle TUB BAG SET FIT Colnago Vintage V Rare | eBay

Tommasini stem?

Tommasini Cinelli Panto 1A Stem 80mm 26 4 OLD Milano Logo Vintage Road Bicycle | eBay

ok, shit’s getting loose now

Cinelli Golden Black 18 KT Gold Handlebar Stem VIP Saddle Leather Seat BAG | eBay

less stratospheric, but still as versace/liberace as the rest

Cinelli Vuitton Flying C Saddle Brown | eBay

Great topic idea, subscribed.

Selle Italia Flite Evolution Carbon Fibre Titanium Saddle Rare Vintage Retro | eBay

Same seller
Cinelli Maestro Saddle Laser | eBay

Colnago C35 Prototype Rennrad Ferrari | eBay

yeah, baby!
1986 Selle SAN Marco Rolls Girardi NEW Saddle RED White Road Bike Rare | eBay

Wow, trippy as!

there’s something a little bit sinister about the way these are packaged:
Campagnolo 1991 Vintage Chorus Group Complete A Time Capsule Find | eBay

being sold by a very reputable seller.

they remind me of body parts.

Ok, Ok, I admit I’m a silly old codger unable to keep up with the lingo of you hip young dudes. But WTF is a “baller”? How did this term arise?

Player… (Basket)baller … going Pro, making it big.

balla be layin down fat stacks for crack, yo!

don’t be afraid to listen to 2-pac and ludacris while searching for parts to add.


try to listen without moving your head.

Any shortarses out there in need of a ballerniner?

Intense Hard Eddie Frame SML

Intense Hard Eddie is intense. Totes ballin.