The Basketball Thread


i feel like i should lock this thread. you know, to be topical.


or just send each of us to a different country’s fixed forum and we’ll post there for the next few months.


is there a fixed/nba forum? sounds like nirvana


Noice, i was a fan of those original hurraches, never got a chance to cop a pair though.

Nice space jam dunk pick up too =D


i don’t play anywhere near enough to justify buying a pair of 'ball specific shoes. often tempted to though.

also a nice video: The Crossover: Genealogy of a Vicious Move - Interactive Feature -


this lockout is gettin ridiculous


I have a friend who is refusing to shave until it’s over, his beard is also getting ridiculous


everything is leading toward a deal today (thursday stateside) from what i have been reading…which is a lot.
i bloody well hope so too.


any specific articles that make mention of this? if so, link please!


just the general vibe from all the espn articles, tweets etc.
while i don’t like to put all my stock in their reporting it seems that most are saying they’re close to agreeing on most things.
and that the talks that started yesterday are good.

having said that they thought the same a couple of weeks ago and then Stern came out and cancelled all of November. So I’m not totally convinced.


doesn’t look like any agreeing will be made…

“We’re about to go into the nuclear winter of the N.B.A.,”

Commissioner David Stern said darkly in an interview with ESPN.

not good.


A few days ago Andrew Gaze was bleating about the prospects of Dwayne Wade playing in the NBL in the event of the season being cancelled as he’s currently in the country for some Gatorade promo or something. This would be a good outcome.


lame as fuck.


hahahaha wade as a sydney king yeah…nah


if you need some new kicks, nows the time




yeeeeeeesssss boys!!! …and girls


so anyone else nab a pair of Jordan XIs today? got me a pair, as well as one each for my kiddies.


no but i won $40 on the 2nd half of the new orleans game yesterday and its looking good for another $40 on the margin (< 10.5) on the atlanta game today!


only catching up on the NBA now, billups/CP3 on the clips…playoff predections?