The Beard Thread aka Ezylee's Facial Hair Thread.

Ok, Beards… who’s got one, who’s had one, who’s in the progress of growing one(maybe your first)?
This is the place to post pics.

I’ll get the ball rolling.
First is a pic of a pic, so excuse the quality. Me age 22 in December of '91.Just arrived back from bumming around QLD on a motorbike.I had a bit of a Jim Morrison fixation back then and this was my LA woman cover shot imitation.

Fast forward to this arvo, and this is the current status, replete with grey highlights.
pretty much keep it trimmed to 2 or 3mm these days, but am tempted from time to time to let it go cave man again.

Ok so that’s me…now bring it on the rest of ya!

Finally a thread for the hairy!

Dirty beard. Dirty Hair.

Slightly more respectable but sad looking hipster photo of me and my fancy pants camera.

It is now also obligatory to have at least one photo with someone giving the finger. haha

hell yeah!

It’s going tomorrow. But I’m leaving the sideburns for a doctor who costume.

Me last year:

That is an awesome beard.

Grey is the new black.

Here’s me at the Dead Sea, 400m below sea level.

Faark man… you look like Dennis Hopper in that pic. Nice tee BTW!

Ha ! Dennis Hopper isn’t bald. I thought the tee was appropriate for the location (Dead Sea). Nobody go it of course.

Tried beard once, many years ago. Mrs Commuter, who was then just known as Janice, denied all conjugal access until it was removed. I lasted 22 days. Haven’t tried since, besides, it had weird ginger hairs in it that kind of freaked me out. There are no gingers anywhere else on my person and no ginger in my family.

Don’t worry CC, I have way too many blonde hairs for my liking.

I say try it again. My bet Mrs. Commuter will break rank after 3 days.

love beard and thread, have scowered the depths of c:/ got a bit carried away but who hasn’t had multiple incarnations of shit beards? i’m sad i have never made it past the 2cm pube beard stage, one day i guess, enjoy

Those guys in a bunch behind you… Theyre talkin about how cool your beard is!

Or planning a circle jerk.

Or both. The beard-inspired circle jerk.

short story(line)

no beard (couldn’t grow one to save my life) - last day of classes '02

during work - mid/late '05

birthday in germany - mid '06

between '06 and '09 the beard was on a cycle, one month off - 10-15 months on.

torquay car show - oct '09

after having my arm cast removed (excuse not to shave the mo’) mid ‘10
before and after mo’ removal.

Mine is usually like this

But one time it was like this

I think I look happier with the beard.
There’s a shit ton of weird colours in there though.

^^ hey i know that girl! (actually i think we’ve met too, man i love the internet)