The Before and After Thread

I thought it might be a nice idea to have an official “before and after thread”. I enjoy seeing the way a person’s bike evolves over time for whatever the reason.

So post here your bike when it was first purchased or built and what it looks like now.

I’ll start. Here’s my Euro Sport Pursuit bike when i bought it about 2 years ago.

Now. Still not 100% complete but you get the idea.


My mcbain when it first arrived in my hands last year, threw on some spare bits

My mcbain today

and my first tassie trackie

how i got it

version 1

version 2

sweet idea, will have to update this post when im home from work

Viner road bike…



Not a heap of changes, but (hopefully) ones in the right direction.

Damn i can’t find any of my pics. Wish i could find the Kenevans before picture. Looks like SHIT! Off-white house paint!



Great idea.
Nothing like blakey’s or jklp’s but here goes.

My old Cecil Walker ‘Professional’




i think i prefer the original forks Jase!!!

i still got them =)

paint that shit up!

When i got it

After Paint

Final Build

The day I bought it.

And how it has basically looked since. Not much change really.

Malvern Star before…

(I fail at the internet).

My Healing:

What’s with all the droopy saddle angles? You fellas got erectile dysfunction or something??

why would you put a saddle on at that angle to begin with?!

Dodgy saddle clamp, still looking for a replacement. It’s as tight as it will go but the saddle still moves when you hit a bump. I’d forgotten to readjust it the day that photo was taken.