The bike which won the first ever World Champ in NZ track cycling history

I really don’t know how to name this bike. But it’s is a bike with a good history behind it.

Ridden by NZ Cyclist Alan Miller. He won gold in the 1km time trial at the 1983 UCI Junior World Champs (held at Wanganui, New Zealand) with this bike.

This was New Zealand’s first ever gold in a world scale track event. It is considered as one of the top 10 moments in New Zealand Cycling History.

Full Tange Aero tubing (flat tubing) with Tange Aero components.

It originally had a sealed head tube just like the Takhions built by the Soviets. Another NZ cyclist, Anthony Brown acquired this frame from Craig Connell (Olympian) who got it from Alan. He modified the fork so it was able to take the normal headsets. A seat tube extension was added (great craftsmanship, you can’t tell except of the two seat post clamp screws) when he outgrew the original setup. It was originally painted white with “Healing” stickers (a nz bike brand of the 80’s who paid for the bikes to be built).

It’s the one at the back

For now, I just built it up with full French parts which I have no bikes for, to make it look fast. But eventually, I’ll get it back to the original set up as well as the original paint job.

I am just so stoked on being able to acquire this frame…

holy moly.

Yeah, what a banger.


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Fantastic. So who’s Laurie Dawe (Hawe?) Was that who painted it?


From memory Laurie dawe was an old school bike shop in NZ

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This question probably needs to be answered by someone from South Island, NZ.

From what I’ve heard, Laurie Dawe is a bike shop located in Christchurch, it was closed in 2007 after 62 years.

Somehow, this bike store probably had the most top end NZ built bikes (especially track) going thru their hands. The frames were rebranded with their store name onto the bike. If you google Laurie Dawe, you’ll see a lot of photos of all those bikes.

That’s all I know about Laurie Dawe.

Thanks. That’s like the only place where we can share our passion for bikes now days. No one seems to be visiting forums much now days. It’s actually kind of sad…

Thanks for all the comments. Hopefully, I’ll get it restored to it’s original state soon.