the black track bike outside abbotsford cycles.

this bike has been there for at least a month. about a week ago the rear wheel went missing - a note attached said some guy had caught people trying to make off with it, so he took it and left his number. a couple of days ago the rear triangle seemed to be a little bent. seriously, WTF? last i looked that bike would have been worth at least a few hundred bucks. who locks their bike up and leaves it somewhere for a month? could they just be waiting for abbotsford to reopen? i ride past this every weekday and curse the idiot out every time.

it’s been there since before they closed. i assumed it was someone who worked there… and i didn’t think it was that good. if that’s worth hundreds then i’m selling my bike right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

They have a camera set up inside the store recording it all.

How bizzareizzle.

So does anyone have any idea at all who owns it?



i think they went on holiday? i don’t know. last time i went in they said something about ‘being closed on friday’, but i guess tey actually said, ‘we’re closed from friday’

…actually, it says on their website- " Winter Holiday!
Owing to a mass migration of staff to France for the Paris Brest Paris ride, Abbotsford Cycles is closed. The store will reopen on the 10th of September (10/9) at 8am. "

THAT’S WHY they’re the best bike shop! Fuckin HARDCORE.

yeah, that’s what you want from a bike store - folks that are serious about riding.

you’re right, LAM, the bike itself wasn’t all that, but with the fixed gear trend showing no sign of abating, it would still be worth at least a couple hundred. if you want to sell your bike for less than that, PM me pics first.

Tell me about it - sold an old Peugeot road bike this week(one of the infamous carbolite frames) that is destined to become a fixie .

yeah? That would make an awesome timelapse :slight_smile: Not to mention some good mugshots.

…but whatever you see,
it wasn’t me.

gone now. hopefully to a better place.

I’ve been wondering about that. Maybe some poor bastard is in a comma somewhere. He’ll wake up in a few weeks and go to retrive it and be devastasted at the wreak its become.

Imagine being stuck in a comma.

That puts things into perspective.

, :-o