The Book Thread

Just an idea. I am not huge in to literature at all but am finding the need to read before I go to bed to unwind and help me sleep. I am knocking over books more than ever and am sort of running out of my library. I was hoping people could recommend some good reads. I am not huge into politacal, law and that sort of thing. But don’t hesitate to recommend to others I guess.

Thought it may be easier with a template?

Blurb (if possible)

Book One Way Road - Robbie McEwen
Genre Autobiography
Blurb It was OK. It’s a pretty dry account of Robbie McEwen’s like and career. The writing style isn’t all that engaging but if you’re into pro cycling it has some interesting stuff in it. Interestingly he barely mentions doping other than a few references to people who got busted during his career.

Overall, I’d give it a 6/10.

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