The Calvin & Hobbes appreciation thread

Hey Mckenny and others

I love C&H. You should too.

Probably the only good thing to be regularly published in the West Australian newspaper.

here’s some classic examples, feel free to add your own :slight_smile:

i could post pictures all fucking day, but i’m sure others would like to contribute.

this is another of my favourites. for some reason, the first time i read the panel where he’s saying “lunboks”, i cracked up.

i also really love the fact that some of the strips have a whole new meaning now that i’m older and can understand the content and context a bit better.

nah man, you go for it.

i didn’t realise it was possible to be this fed up. today sucks (except for lunch with duggan, that bit was good).

What’s wrong, Rolls?

let’s just put it down to a lack of motivation combined with 4 late nights of the tour, that’ll save a whole lot of time.

or maybe calvin says it better?

holy crap, was just thumbing through the C&H box set last night

it’s a magical world mckenny

maybe i just need a holiday…

I have this one my wall at work and am considering getting frames 1, 3 & 4 tattooed.

Can you find me an ice hockey one? I am having a shit day. Tired due to tour and I had a bad stack at training last night that has left me with a grade 1 tear in the ACL in my right shoulder. No hockey for a 4-6 weeks… so depressed.

i’d love to ezy, but i honestly cannot remember a single strip that has calvin ice skating. not one. i’m happy to be proven wrong.

sucks about your fall mate, hope it heals quickly and doesn’t give you too much grief :frowning:

keep em coming, rollster. the day ain’t over yet.

calvin reminds me of you sometimes brenno

and if my employer* ever discovers my blatant internet use i might sign off with this…

*not you nickj

seems appropriate.