the canberra fixed ride

A few mates and I do a semi-regular fixed ride in canberra. We are trying to get more people involved. I keep seeing more singlespeed/fixed gear rides around, and would love to have you all come along.

The rides vary in length (from 30 to 50 kms) depending on what everyone is up for. The ethos is bascially to get together, ride, shoot the shit, and finish with some drinks.

The date for the next ride is Fri, Feb 6@6PM. Meeting at the canberra theatre/legislative assembly (keepin it real for all my bureacats). More info is available at: (perhaps the most budget blog known to man.)

I’d like to stress that all types, styles or rider are welcome. NOT a race, or a training ride, or a fasion pde. just a ride, for now. hope to see you there.


Once I complete my build (Hopefully next week so this could be my cherry popper) I will come along for a pedal if I am not riding @ Stromlo… where abouts do you guys usually ride to?

awesome, see you there.

sweet, been in the berra for less than a week and already found a ride. will be there

I saw a few rides today in Manuka, one I see often… black with gold highlights, one was light brown as well I think. Does any of these two bikes belong to anyone here too? Spotted in civic during summer…

I was down at the AIS mid december last year and saw a orange fixed gear out a couple of Km’s from the tute. I gave him a yell, had a fair few spokecards.

Fun nite - good to meet ya’ll.

Spewin I missed it, my ride should be on the road tomorrow… not with the ideal gear ratio, but still on the road. Keep us up to date on the next meet!

I made it home, a bit wobbly. Will sort my shit out and get some photos online some time. Great night, no arrests…

hot rides. friendly faces. more beer than riding, but that’s cool too; a good night. it was also great to finally put some faces and names to the rides we all keep seeing around town. :slight_smile:

Another ride should be on the cards soon, I reckon…some time within the next fortnight.

Hey I would like to introduce myself.
Im luke. I got pulled over on saturday in civic at the multicultural festivial and told about this ride and sit so i thought i would sign up and say hi!
anyway keen for a regular Canberra ride to get happening.

I picked my girl up at 2am in Civic on Saturday night, was driving past transit bar and saw a few bikes. Just at a quick glance I saw blue deep v’s. Anyone?

Yer sign me… up could do with some notice bujt woujld love to ride with a pack of like-minded i have seen that beigh(?) fix aroujnd the inner noth at lyneham shops ridin past my shop always got my pony tied up out the front all welcome to say hi.

Hi all, I’m new here! I had a crack at the king of the drains yesterday, 'twas a bucket of fun! I heard some people talking about so I thought I’d join.

As for those two bikes, I know both of the guys who own those.

yer i second that. Saturday arvo was sweet, good people, nice bikes, and man you came close. Nice to be able to put faces to bikes. Hop they do it again maybe even semi regular. Luke

King of the Drains was my first time seeing the cbr fixed gear scene, it was a fun afternoon - Who would have ever thought an adult could have so much fun playing in the drains? i had a crack on my kona eighty-eight (big black single gear cruiser) man it was tiring :stuck_out_tongue:

it’d be great to see something like that occur on a regular basis, it’s such a good venue for it :slight_smile: plenty of side line seating, and comfy on the grass to boot! anyone know where there would be pictures posted from the day? there were a few dudes wielding cameras…

soo bummed i missed this :oops:

you should be it was tits, there was a track stand off to eliminate 1 rider so there would be two left to race .

There was a fair bit of L glass at the drains, will the photos be posted anywhere? the skmocan site?

I’m local to Canberra as well, southside based, in Kambah. Running a matt black Surly brakeless on black deep V’s (‘iwearmoccos’ old cycle), and a single speed raleigh setup.

I like riding around the hills around here in the valley, and just flogging down the road early in the morning/late at night.

Would love to get involved in some group rides etc!

Remy. :slight_smile: