The crit/race thread.

So goose has been am ping us up to get out for some racing,
Thought I would start a thread that is race related.

Good boy

I’m out this sat, I will be up the coast do I will ride up there.
You racing

Fusion Games this weekend - last I heard, was still a few spots left to fill in some of the events

Yeah I will have to do Murrarie again.
Hamilton is racing at Somerset Dam road race. That’s not my scene if it involves going uphill

… and you’ll be back in time for bridges, yes???

Not sure yet mother in laws bday
How long is the road race

Hamilton’s is 48 & 96km, Id say its 48 out & 48 back for A grade?

Sunny Coast has their RR on Sunday

Event: North Arm Handicap
Event Location: North Arm State School, Corner of Yandina- North Arm Rd & Fairhill Rd
Course map: SCCC North Arm - A bike ride in North Arm, QLD, AU
Date: Sunday 17th July, 7.00am registration, 7.30am start
Grades: A, B, C (4 laps, 40km)

is this the new thursday night ride thread?

So who is up for Murrarie 2moro?

Smay be my neck and tfl are fucked gypo was saying nundah but I think Uq are out there

HPRW tt out Samford way

sorry, already made plans to lie in my bed with my eyes shut till 1pm, then its get up/coffee/shit then off to chandler for the omnium.

Yeah, I got it mixed up Nundah is Moreton bay interclub on Sundy. Yeah Hamilton TT is at Closburn.
Murrarie is best bet

I fucked my neck/back something chronic yesterday arvo. I will see how I feel in the morning, pretty shitty because I wit be able to race until I get back from my next tour.

Your going to Iraq?

would make a great insurgent spi

wot?!?! theres no way he’d pass as a dune-coon

I’m not sure if I should race or ride out the bay with shirts my neck is pretty saw so Ill see if I can sort it out tonight,

prognosis is in… ur neck’s sore cause u havnt slammed ur stem enough