The first official Readers Choice Award!

Alright, so here’s the deal. There have been a lot of nice bikes posted in the “post your ride” section in the last year. We (the “mods”, as opposed to the “rockers”) have decided to have a Readers Choice award to have you, as a member, to vote for your favourite bike of 2010.

The rules are extremely simple.

1.) Look at all the bikes posted in the post your ride section in the last year. They have to be posted between 01/01/10 and 31/12/10. The bike can also come from the section as well.
2.) Choose the bike you like the most out of all those bikes. It can be a track bike, street fixed, commuter, polo bike, conversion, trick bike, whatever, but… it must have a FIXED drive train (no road bikes or SS).
3.) The bike MUST be owned / ridden by a member of No other bike porn please.
4.) Post a reply to this thread with a link to the bike you choose. I repeat, post a reply in this thread with a link to the bike you choose.
5.) That’s it, you’ve voted for you’re favourite bike of 2010 on

Voting will close (around) midnight 31/12/10. Any replies to this thread after then will not be included.

The bike with the most votes will be deemed the winner of first official Readers Choice Award and their bike thread will be stickied at the top of the “post your ride” section for the next year.

Fine print: Any responses to this thread that isn’t voting for a bike will be deleted. You can vote for your own bike if you wish, but do you really want to be that person? Once again, voting closes midnight(ish) 31/12/10, no posts after then will be considered. Any member on can vote (but making mutiple accounts to vote for one bike will be frowned upon / user will be teased and/or banned).

Have fun voting!

So I’ll start.

My vote is this:

EDIT: you don’t have to give a reason to vote either, but…

I voted for this bike because a) I love Rossin’s, b) the geometry is amazing and c) it’s the perfect amount of beat up.

Motta’s Moser

I demand transparency in the voting, otherwise there will be #fixileaks.

I wanted to vote for Frag’s Zullo, but he didn’t line up the valve stems.

I would have voted for Jim Bundy’s old race bike, but Spirito hasn’t posted it. Likewise for the Bushellini, but Nikcee hasn’t built it.

So instead I cast a vote for Gypsy’s Kenevans team pursuit, for the attention to detail he had in restoring it.

IMG_9968 by gbannerman, on Flickr

I have to go for erle’s kenevans.

'tis awesome.

gonna go with:

just beat out:

will be interesting to see which bike gets up and what time of the year it is posted, there are about 20 pages of threads in 2010!

Bosomworth Puruit wins it over for me.

I second erle’s ken

Yah, about that… 01/01/10 and 31/12/10.

Hard to find a ride to nominate but I’d have to give it to Gypsy’s kenevan’s.

other one i’d go for is 2joes2 Nagasawafor its history

I swar it said 2010 when i searched!! haha oh well post edited;)

Hard to go past Flanders Merckx

ive always loved kenevan’s and green machine’s was also a big inspiration for my own build but,
one of the first bike i really really, loved on this forum was JLN’s f(ake) moser, its so awesome even with bull horns and a spoke on the back two things i absolutly despise about the fixed seen i still thought tht bike was amazing and so mean looking but

as jklp said i cant go past flandes merkx(only with the drops on), it does sort of help that out of the three that bike is my size
its fucking awesome and if you ever want to sell it man please pm me first!

i’ll put in a vote for gypsy’s kenevan too.
actual track bike with history, and in awesome condition

Stu’s Pog.

And another vote for Flanders’ Merckx Pista

[MOD EDIT: As beautiful as Stu’s Pog is, it was posted on 09-08-2009 at 01:05 PM, so it can’t be counted. So I’ll count your vote for Flanders’ Merckx Pista.]

flanders’ merckx pista is both classic and gorgeous
but i just can’t go past the sheer history of 2joes2’s nagasawa, that gets my vote

While plenty of forum members have shiny bikes made (and restored) by some of the best frame builders in Australia (and elsewhere). My vote has to go to Chris, who decided to have a crack at making his own. Plus he didn’t just make some bland standard geometry track frame, he turned that shit up to 11!

Hand Made Pursuit… 1st attempt

+1 to this build.
Truly a custom original.Kiwi too.

um, Ellepeas VISP anyone?