The Fixed Photo Thread

Figured there are probably a bunch of dudes on here that take quality photos so add your favorite/best bike related photographs here.

Here’s a few I have taken recently to start it off.

No one on here that’s into photos? :?

Here are a couple from last nights ride…

hmm, post went missing.

my photos -

some bike photos

Post pictures, not links.

Kid Killy, awesome photos. Where are you located? What camera do you use? And what is that Campy rim? Is it a white Shamal or something? It’s purdy.

any more pictures of the casati? i love 'em.

Have to be fixed bikes? I don’t have any fixie stuff, but a lot of bike stuff…


From my flickr site (sorry if you’ve seen them there)…

Thanks Samual! I am currently living in Taiwan but will be relocating to Melbourne on Wednesday! I use a number of different cameras but these where all taken with a Nikon D300. The rim is a Shamal. Originally it was polished but my friend had it painted white to match his bike. He does crazy crazy stuff like that.

Stephen I have lots more pictures of the Casati. It’s really a beautiful frame. Here are some more shots of it…

@ Snowflake. Thanks for fixing up the thread.

@dp72 nice flicks. Would you mind adding me on flickr. —>

gotcha - a note would have been nice :stuck_out_tongue:

If I did that every time, I’d be writing notes all day :slight_smile:

Hey all. I have some photos from working in winter that made the rounds a little, I love the cold but dry mornings so much. I was also playing with some HDR photos up in store room at CERES. It’s a cool place, you can kinda feel a sense of creation and potential in there, so many parts just waiting to complete someones bicycle or bring an old love back to life…

Bigger versions are here:


nuff said. and now we return you to our regular programming. hugs

Is that Tristan H in the Puma t-shirt?

no. tristan would still be riding.

awesome winter shots Corz

Uploaded some quality pics just for this.

Wall of Death Seattle, Wraparound butt touch a-la fyxomatosis happy snap

dork patrol

Pinarello Bananarama Portland

This one’s for Andy. Ag on Burnside Bridge Portland

Vancouver AlleyCat Starting Point. NickCee BGP’s

Ag. seattle joking around

SF Bay bridge. Its all about riding with your hands in the air.

Venice Beach deep posse ride. See, hands in the air is what all the cool kids do.