The Flying Scotsman

I’m sure everyone that’s watching the TDF has already seen the ad, but it was a first for me.

Saw a trailer for The Flying Scotsman, the story of Obree, being released in a few weeks.

(Carn Cadel, stick with Chicken!)

I saw the trailer and then got the book when I found out it was still a few weeks away!

The whole time I was reading it I didn’t want to put it down but damn it made me want to get out on my bike too! Then there’s the difficulties he’s had (socially and mentally). Great read for the range of emotions it evokes.

you know where we are each Saturday morning Fi

if you cannot make it for the 7:30 start you can always meet us somewhere later in the morning or we might have to ride out to meet you one day.

speaking of which… we ought to have another go at the hour when it comes out… at the carnegie track.

I should be there this Saturday, I was a bit peeved I couldn’t get to the TT (had to see some friends before they deserted).
August - September I won’t be around either due to more fkn house-sitting! By the time this stint is over I will have done about 6 months of house-sitting all over bloody Melbourne. Oh well, can’t beat free accommodation :expressionless:

Nath, if you get to the Carnegie track pre-9am this time of year you pretty well get the place to yourself, no kiddy-winks anyway!

How about a fixed dot org at the movies event?

not much use to most of you,but…
i’m moving house soonish. will hopefully be movinginto a one bedroom apartment somewhere reasonably central.
i am going to have a cycling/fixie/messenger movie day/nite for a housewarming.
looking at showing a bunch of stuff ranging from redlight go, to the tour baby.
all will be welcome and i’ll let you know where and when.
probably about 8-10 weeks from now.
will keep you posted.

What’s the latest on a movie night?
I’m keen to check this film out…

A discussion to be had over waffles!

mmmmmmmmmmmm waffles :slight_smile:

Caught the fillum on a flight today - bloody good, even on an 8" screen. See it.