The Flying Scotsman

Worst movie ever(*). Should have been a doco from archive material or not at all.

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Worse than Bear Guy?


Aww comeon ndf, wasn’t there a tear in your eye when he broke the 4km record-thingy?
But I must concede, he looked god damn awful riding that bike… aghh my chest is being crushed by the handlebars!!!

Bugger, denied.

Was looking forward to it.

No. The closest I came to crying was when my supply of authentic English wine gums from the best-staffed confectionary shop in the world ran out. :confused:

bollocks…it had wit, it had pathos, it had triumph of the human spirit in the face of cruel adversity…the only things missing were naked chicks and a spaceship.

immerse yourself in the dream son…

Name that shop!

I hear ya…

The store is the Lolly store on Lygon street

Are you saying this film is worse than say…CAMP NOWHERE?

I’m saying that the Flying Scottsman is the worst film ever… so… yes.



That interview with Obree is proof they should have made it a doco - he’s a legend! The anecdote about inspiration from the faces of van drivers: gold!

Aww my gawd, you mean even worse than “The Spice Girls Movie”? :evil:

There was a movie about those skank ho’s? :?

Kinda glad I live under a rock sometimes!

No a doco would have been shite, cause they would have had to have english subtitle so people could decipher that “fookin scootush akkcent”

Despite the not so great review, I still want to go see it :slight_smile: