The Ghost Ring

Thought you might like to see my ghost ring setup…
Sorry about the bad photo. This is a temporary setup until my Kona Scab gets horizontal dropouts.

oh my god what a blast from the past. I used one of those years ago. It really requires a very round chainring in order to not fall out in the middle of the night, when you’re drunk and can’t find it again! (it rolls underneath cars)

  • joel

This one eats at the chainstay a bit, but Al ring and CrMo stay… stay will win every time.

So that just sits in there, unattached? I’m struggling to imagine how it’d work.

Chain tension holds it in… it hasnt fallen out yet :smiley:

it does work, the chain tension holds it in (and it, in turn, creates the chain tension) and the forward motion equals the backward motion - so it just rotates in place. Damn it I’m going to have to try this again.

  • Joel

Whose is the PINK monkey in the photo?

I dunno but its FUCKING dope.