The Gonz is a crazy guy

Vid by Spike Jonez on the crazy Mark Gonzales

funny shit specially when he tries to kickflip a bike

if your gonna do nose wheelies, fuckin’ do a nose wheelie bro!

what a dick

He’s been trying for a while… it’s so awesome.

I remember a video on dlxsf a while ago where he was trying to do it into a water fountain. He managed to get the bike upside down on his ‘best’ attempt.

He exists in a world so far from the rest of us that its somewhat possible he will actually make it (or come up with a variation on it).

‘we aint tuching yur stile’ (sic)

Oh, i thought you meant the real Gonz.

I love reading articles about the Gonz. Like how he was trying to do board slides for 10 feet and people thought he was crazy…

C’mon. Mark Gonzales is the “real” Gonz.

Stylish as shit too.

16 things you didn’t know about the Gonz..