The Hell of the Northcote

Check out the front page for details, courtesy of Trackcunt.

This one promises to be good. Pave, dirt roads, rail crossings and a lap of Brunswick velodrome.

22nd July, the last day of the TdF. Stay tuned for more details!

Looks like my 28mm tyres are gonna come in handy.

Looks like fun.

That’s hilarious. I was telling someone just last night how good a velodrome finish would be… :smiley:

Is it followed by a BBQ

with ROO bangers and steaks?

do you need any marshals, timers, or food cookers on the day? i make a mean bean salad :wink:

Now hear this…

Without spoiling ALL of the fun - your $10 entry will pay for food - THAT YOU NEED TO BUY enroute for a bbq finish. Group photo on the banks of the velodrome.

There is only one minor (but tres cool)prize for first, the MAJOR prize will be raffled amongst all completed racers. Basically, if you complete the race, regardless of time, you could come home with some magnifique swag. I want everyone to come out and ride and not have to worry about scorching the tarmac, or risking limb to win. This will be in unfamiliar territory to just about everyone, so no disadvantage for not knowing where 360E is for example.

This is NOT a track/fixed specific event. Ugly has a very ill sense of humour, and the compulsory alleys are tres rough. If you haven’t seen ‘A Sunday in Hell’ then you should check it out to know whats coming. Extra Points for wearing a pale blue suit to the starting line.

(I mean that in the nicest possible way)

so no disadvantage for not knowing where 360E is for example.


So…what’s 360E?

Melbourne Central?

Well done!

I just want to take that and run with it as far as I can.