The Hour Record Banter...

Rohan Dennis, 24, fresh off winning the Santos Tour Down Under is in Grenchen, Switzerland, honing himself mentally and physically ahead of an effort former Olympic team-mate Bobridge discovered on Saturday, felt “close to dying”. Like Bobridge, Dennis will need to go 51.852km to overtake the existing record of Swiss rider Matthias Brandle, a mark that shouldn’t be taken for granted after Bobridge’s recent attempt.

Dennis will ride a modified BMC Time Machine to meet UCI standards when he takes on the record, Sunday, with fixed gearing to aid the Australian’s efficiency. Although the aesthetics of his bike won’t help Dennis cut through the air faster, it sure does look an absolute weapon.

2350-0115 AEDT SBS2 Sunday 8 February (Live to all except WA)
AND streaming online at Cycling Central.

Looks like a weapon of a bike. Look forward to watching and seeing how he goes…

His gram is missing the obligatory #sotb tag.

Does look like a sick bike

$200 to his preferred charity if he gets there.

He’ll probably do it too - I doubted him on his road style, but it could be stupid me.

Wonder what gearing?
He seems to cover about 8m with a full rev (assuming track marks are 10m apart)

With fixed gearing too…

…how do you pump up the tyres? (Or maybe the valve openings were discretely hidden behind the frame…)


^ You can pump up tyres with Photoshop?

Is this the new everesting, seriously I thought Bobridge is one of those kids that has busted ass in the track ranks in com/Olympic games with out much recognition outside of the track (to the punters),
I felt he deserved to give this a nudge but if every man and his dog thinks he has got what it takes I’m going to be upset.
I always thought the hour record was a sacred thing reserved for the hard men/hard working people of cycling but hey that’s just my rant and all the best to them but if you have not tried it in training and know you can brake it then is it for you.

I tend to agree…although the viewer in me likes it purely because it’s televised cycling that I’ll actually get to see (albiet a dude going around in circles for an hour). I think when Cancellara said he wouldn’t bother because of the new rules changes that sort of killed it for me. He was the person I’d have most liked to see get it. Agree that it would have been good to see Bobridge do the job. Don’t know much about Rohan Dennis, but if that secret pro thing on cyclingtips is actually legit then he’s a bit a of diva.

Nice bike though, using those super low bar extensions for an hour is gonna be brutal.

I was a bit weird about this tbh, I think the idea of foa one is great, get a big crew and hang out have some laughs and see how you go as a laugh.
I think it’s a fund raiser though? That I can’t ever hate on.

who is nick bensley?

What is this?

I don’t know him personally I think he rides for stay true racing Instagram name may be n_bens or similar.

he has a beard and is reasonably talented at A grade level and once he wrote a blog about 38 cm bars.

also once he overtrained on purpose to see if he got sick. he did.

I’m just pissed that the event is ‘bought’ not ‘brought’.

$10 to watch a night of track nats and a legitimate (albeit failed) attempt at the record. cool

$5 to watch a shunter fail. eh.

I understand Bensley is to be paced by a Llama which could be interesting in itself