The "How's your garden?" thread

Ok folks … spring is almost here so I thought I’d start a thread to remind y’all to plant some herbs in pots, a punnet of strawberries, tomatoes, basil whatever you can. And post pics !!

The spirito patch has done OK over the winter. Broccoli and rainbow chard have been the stars. Lettuces too. Leeks and beetroot are starting to come on song. Parsley hasn’t done too well over the cold months, but the coriander is going fine. Last years passion fruit vine is really starting to stretch out - not a day goes by without Mrs. Spirito asking when they’ll start to fruit. Gai lan is Ok, as is the tuscan kale.

Biggest disappointment/frustration has been the snow pea’s, sugar snap pea’s and broad beans. Farkin’ possums have feasted on my legumes !!! Planted sugar snaps 3 times and each time they’ve been decimated. No amount of garlic, chilli oil and tobasco has deterred them. I’m starting to stress because it’s soon time to plant tomatoes. If those possums touch my tomatoes there will be hell to pay. Motherfarkin’ possums !!!

Medo has been a big help (as usual).

Already on it,
Snow peas, parsely, spinach, garlic, rocket and a heap of others.
The snow peas actually grew from the mulch with no seeds.

Also had another “herb” come up this morning earlier than usual, all thanks to my $30 green house from the reject shop.

edit: Your garden looks amazing, we’ve pretty much got all pavers so alot of our stuff is in pots, yours looks like something from Vasillis Garden (love that show)

Wow. Thats impressive.

With the frost that canberra brings, I pretty much give up on my little patch over the winter. Over the last 3 years I have pretty much found what I can and can’t grow. I mostly go crazy with basil and tend to make a lot of my own pestos.

I Can:
Cherry Tomato

I Kill:

This is the space I have to work with.

That’s really cool.

Small space = grow vertical. + try to add a few large pots or half cut wine barrels so you can move them around to follow the sun. My soil is really crap (sandy) so whilst I’m slowly working on improving that I use raised beds and pots to grow what and where I can.

I suck at capsicum’s, and last years pumpkin patch yielded just 2 small ones. I gotta plant more flowers to attract the bee’s.

Don’t you love it when that happens. I get lots of tomatoes self sprout because I compost everything and also dig in the remaining plants after each season.

Good for you with regard the “other herb” :wink:

Maressi !!! I like Vasili too (mrs. spirito can’t stand him). I just love seeing all the old folks who’ve been doing their own gardens since forever, how much they yield and how natural it is for them. My 2 beds are only small but we supplement them with a few large pots and some half wine barrels. Hopefully this year I’ll hook up a bore water pump and make it as water wise as I can.

Mine has struggled from the deathly snails, not sure how to rid them. The only winners I have are Coriander, Chard, Beetroots, Lettuce, Fennel, Rocket & Parsley and surprisingly Tomatoes, although these shot up to two meters in length within the space of 2 months and out grew my supporting stakes. The ones not so fortunate are Capsicums, Chilies, Basil, Snow Peas, Chives, Curry Leaf, & Rosemary.

Last weekend I planted coriander, mint, basil, cos lettuces, chives and oregano all in pots.

They’ve taken off!!!

hey spirito, what would you recommend i grow considering i have only about 2x1 space (concrete) in which to grow something? preferably low maintenance wherever possible as i am not the world’s best chef/greenthumb.

my lady friend loves fresh produce, so it’d be nice if i had something we could use to cook meals when she’s staying over.

i need to keep it easily transportable too, as it’s only a rental, and the lease is up in march (hopefully it’s extended). half wine barrels you say?

thanks, i’ll keep an eye on this thread for any handy tips :slight_smile:

How could you dislike this man

I like Costa better plus he’s a Brisbane-ite!!

i’m getting ready to start a garden too - i’m lucky and already have lemon, mandarin, peach and tamarillo (cept they taste gross) trees plus passionfruit vines.

i made a passing comment a few months back that chickens and a duck would be ace and for some reason now my mum is obsessed with getting me said fowl.

will they fuck with any vegies i grow or will they be vigilant defenders of my produce against snails and slugs?

A handy tool is the following guide - it depends on where you are and what season.
Gardening Australia - Vegie Guide

I plant stuff that find is poor quality and/or expensive in my local shops - primarily tomatoes, lettuces and fresh herbs.

I started with a couple of small half wine barrels because we had plumbing work to do where the garden beds would be so something I could move around would make it easier. Treat the barrels as no dig garden beds. If you really want mobile then go for a small pot or planters as half wine barrels are quite heavy. The only thing you have to be aware of is keeping them watered regularly.
Building a Vegetable Garden

She scared of my inner-wog

I reckon Costa must super phospate that beard!

My patch garden bed still has beans,spinach,parsnip,leeks,shallots,turnip,swedes and carrots. As well as coriander,oregano,thyme,sage,rosemary,flat leaf parsley everywhere(self sown).
My rocket, bok choi and chinese broccoli are seeding but have provided many a quick fix for dinner.
Thinking of first timing potatoes this spring, any tips?
Garden bed is right where my 10x6m shed will be soon, so no summer planting for me.
May have to transfer some of that lovely improved soil (thanks just dave) to new more southerly spot.
Shit day here, try photos later.

Yes and yes. A chicken coop is an awesome and organic addition to any garden but they will eat into seedlings and plants if they’re allowed to. You’ve got to work out a way to keep them out of the garden (fenced of or a dedicated coop) but also feed them garden scraps and use their chicken poop (vegetable gold). Let 'em out to go after bugs occasionally but keep an eye on them so they’re not digging up new plants and low lying vege’s.

My wife is an award winning landscape architect who’s been featured in books, mags, newspapers and TV. Our garden is a mess.

cool, pretty much what i thought.

so little chicken leashes when they’re out of the coop?

Respect !!! <grin>

That reminds me, I’d better collect some capsicum seeds, as my 9 year old wants to grow em again this year. He loves raw capsicum(kinda weird 4 a kid), and says he’s a capsicum farmer.

my old man is a gardener, and he sells plants in the local paper. Might put some up in the parts thread?. Our garden is awesome. several 2 meter tall Christmas tree shaped pines line our drive way, countless hedges , roses etc… And the most amazing tree smack bang in the middle. A chinese tallow that looks great all year round. Ill take some pictures when I get my camera.