The Kambah Massive

Who is keen for a meet up ride in the coming weeks in the hood?

It was suggested we meet up at Kambah Village as that is pretty central. There is some smooth roads down to north cooma that we can go, otherwise head towards woden?

What days is good for people during the week? I am free for a ride this Sunday if peeps are keen?

Try again.

If anyone is keen for a ride tomorrow (Sunday 21 March…) Hit us up here.

Hooooow bout Wednesday arvo?

sounds good!

Sweet, what kind of ride are you up for? Meet at Kambah shops just past 6ish?

not a big tour just a cruise…yeah 6 at the village

How does this look? Pretty flat, return trip of around 25km

so my mother just kindly reminded me its my sisters birthday tomorrow so im out sorry.

Ah bummer, anyone else?

Kambah not so massive? Where is everyone?


Keep an eye out. Got some new bars. Bike is murdered out black on black, usually around the shops (Village) etc. Keen for a ride at some stage.

I’m more of a Wanniassa man myself.

Once I get my new bike built up… for sure. I am sick of riding my current one fixed… to much pedal strike. Wanniassa / Kambah… same thing.