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Just thought I’d share these links. I’m sure we all need good sources for reference material and to better understand bikes and parts from different era’s. There’s a lot out good info out there and I welcome anyone who’d like to add anything here.

Bike Pictures on

Mark Bulgier is a former frame builder and all round bike nut. His site has been a treat/pleasure for many vintage fans, especially as for the catalogues of so many frame manufacturers (most of which were provided by Richard Sachs).


Robert S. Broderick has painstakingly scanned mostly everything in the bike world. From parts catalogues to magazine articles to odd written material. Easy to scour and lose a few days and nights.

Bike books

God bless the Russians :wink: A lot of great books on most every aspect of cycling available for download in PDF format. From wheelbuilding to bike mechanics to aerodynamics and training to bike fit to frame building to nutrition to … the list goes on. Invaluable … Save these to your hard drive !!!

Wow- the jackpot!!
Thanks a million spirito this is a goldmine site

Well … I’d say about $600 plus shipping :wink:

I advise for peep’s here to download them and pass them around.

Maybe we need a f.o.a seedbox.

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There are some real gems in there.
I really do thank you for this post


bike pic site has this

It would make a great tattoo, in my opinion.

looks suspiciously like queen boadicea. didn’t know she rode a bike…

ahead of her time !!!

Thanks for the links!

Been meaning to ask you, Spirito: Do you have the book from which your avatar came? Is it a good buy for someone who doesn’t speak Italian? I guess it’d cost A$70 landed.

That didn’t last long … link is now dead (used up bandwidth??). Anyway, I hope some here had a chance to download the books and perhaps can post if they have a copy so to share them around.

I can’t remember where my avatar came from (no surprise) but if you mean this book >> Campagnolo: 75 Years of Cycling Passion (9781934030370): Paolo Facchinetti, Guido P Rubino: Books << then yes, I just got given it for my b’day by Mrs. Spirito. As a book it’s lame … poor production, little new information and a dull read but I love it anyway, and am very happy I have it. I still think there’s a wonderful story and much interest to be garnered if somebody wrote an in depth book about Campagnolo rather than just skip around periods, show a few old pics and blurb what has already been written.

I guess I’m picky huh?

Ah FFS, I hope someone on the forum can upload it because I didn’t get a chance :frowning:

Yes it is- but looks good on the bookshelf

Bike Books are back up. Have been downloading them just now.

Great find BTW !

link works perfectly?
dont understand what everyone is on about

heres some useful catalogues i came across when trying to determine the age and model of a couple of my bikes:


and viking

Thanks, great links.

I like that 75 years of Campag book, there’s some nice pictures and whatnot.

The book I was talking about is “La Bici D’Epoca”, by Giuseppe Nardini, released to commemorate L’Eroica last year.

The bicycling Science book on the link is the second edition 1994 not the third edition 2004 as in the description