The Long Shred Home custom handlebar camera bag

Item: The Long Shred Homecustom handlebar camera bag
How long used: Installed and ride around the driveway
What similar product have you used: Bikebagdude top tube bag; Revelate Chaff bag

I’ve wanted a proper camera bag for the on the bike for a while now. The Porcelain Rocket DSLR Slinger and Mini-Slinger look great but cost a fortune with the exchange rate and postage, and BOGear Dave is busy with his current lineup.
So a couple of weeks ago I saw that The Long Shred Home were advertising custom builds. I emailed and Sam replied straight away saying he already had sketches for himself and he’d love to make something up. After a short discussion about specs and measurements, he whipped my bag up and I got it in the mail this morning.

I’m using a Sony a6000 with a short 16-50mm lens. The camera sits sideways in the bag so I can reach and grab the grip, ready to shoot.
The build quality is A+, as good as the rest of the top stuff out there.
He put in plastic reinforcement and padding to keep the camera safe from knocks and bumps.
As you can see, it has a small roll top and clip, which allows one handed opening and closing.
The back has an integrated pocket that holds a rain cover (not pictured), but it could also hold memory cards and filters.

The bag attaches to the bars with straps. Each side and the back has two daisy chains so the straps can be moved around. It came with the adjustable clips, which makes taking it on and off easy, but you could replace them with double-sided velcro, again like the BBD and Revelate pouches come with.

Sam was great to deal with. He’s super-friendly and professional. Turnaround was less than 3 weeks between first email and delivery. I’d definitely hit him up again for any future bag needs.

I just found they’ve got a webpage for it too

Is there anything to strap it around the fork crown ala revelate feed bags? Does it not swing back and forth?

Looks like a strap around the stem on the side there eh?

That would be a pretty good stash pocket for taking your G.I. Joes for a shred.

There isn’t but it doesn’t. If you want one I’m sure they could do it.


If you say so