The love/hate thread (read: knog stole my idea)

So this is after the ‘f-ing rain’ thread. Obviously lots of people have other stuff to get off their chests.

Simple - Something you hate, and something you love. Keeps the balance.

Hate the weather forecast for this weekend because its my surfing trip up the coast.

Love keeping good coffee in my drawer at work well hidden from the plebs who think nescafe blend 43 is ‘the good stuff’.

Love my Knog Love Hate gloves when riding.

Hate putting them back on when the are drenched with sweat or dried hard.

Or the ink has run, seams split, velcro stopped working.

Give me Oakley gloves any day.

Love riding in the wet.

Hate getting into wet gear at the end of the day to ride home… but now love the air-conditioning in the work bike shed / locker room that means my clothes are nearly dry by the end of the day!

Hmmm, thats 2 - 1 for Love…

Oh yeah, hate the weather for not letting me go mountain biking on the weekend.

Love Dodgem Cares - Hate Carnies

Love Drinking - Hate Hangovers

Love having the bike paths to myself when it rains - Hate how people are so soft that they refuse to ride when it rains.

Love being interstate when its raining back home


Hate: when the forgotten yoghourt bursts in the backpack

Or the banana :oops:

in that case(noone likes bad karma), i love that i no longer live in perth and have to sit in a car for an hour to get to work. i fucking love the fact that i even have the option of riding my bike everywhere: rain, hail or shine :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hate: being told I need my broken wrist in a backslab (plaster splint) for another 2 weeks after already serving a 5 week layoff.

Love: the Nando’s wrap I had for lunch.

love: buying a house

hate: not being able to move in til July…

Love: planning the ultimate alleycat route.
Hate: not being able to race it.

Love getting a pay rise

Hate that the money is already spent

Love getting a pay rise

Hate that i still have to deal with the same fuckin idiots!!! i am not having a good day :x

Love: That theres hardly any traffic in Perth during peak hour

Hate: That i dont ride to work (car pool with the missus and her sister :-()

love: being on holidays
hate: not bringing a bicycle with me

I hate every single fucking driver in Melbourne.

I also hate the peanuts you encounter on the bike path that runs along the Upfield train line.

I love reading awesome lyrics to song I loved in the first place.
I love leaving work.
I love my bass tone.

i love ebay

i hate ebay

I love the fact I get to see Pavement on Sunday.

I love that I have all of next week off.

I hate that I have a cold.