The Madonna del Ghisallo smiles...

…on the Captain tonight.

There are 45 traffic lights between my workplace in Bourke St and the Captain’s cabin down here in leafy Beaumaris. EVERY one of them green on tonight’s run home. EVERY one of them.

I’m buyin’ a Tatts ticket tomorrow.

She moves in mysterious ways …

May the Madonna del Ghisallo bless your commute with many green lights

May the Pedal-Powered Goddess soothe the hearts of road-rage drivers

and may Raptor Jesus feast on their corpses should they step out of their tin cans.


I wonder what would have happened if you weren’t colour blind?

got that nailed - the green one is the bottom of the three.

In any case the fickle minx made most of them red this morning - but perhaps she was just telling me to slow down and enjoy the great provider’s glorious sunshine?

Ahh I now see the real picture, it’s the ‘out of date’ medication you’re finding in rubbinsh bins.

more likely the “reduced for quick sale” chicken fillets from the local IGA

It’s the endorphin rush from cycling in general that makes the colours run …

“… My god, it’s full of cars!”

Word. Looks like Swanston St.

After a Wednesday night at Filter maybe (/old fart)

After a Wednesday night at Filter maybe (/old fart)