the 'Name That Frame' Game.

Okay. I need your help.

I have a track frame and I would like to identify it.

Previous seller had very little information in regards to who built it.

Key Features.
‘Champion’ stamped into Bottom Bracket
316 and 57 or 59 stamped on the other side
Fork Steerer is also stamped 316
Front and rear ‘Shimano SFP 10 Dropouts’ - View Single Frame Part
Double Crown Track forks with orange stripe stickers on top of the fork crown on either side.
Wrap over seat stays
Open ended? seat stays near the dropouts
27.2mm seatpost
26.4 Crown Race
English Threaded Bottom Bracket
Really Tight Clearances, Less then 1cm on fork crown to tyre and wheel to down tube. And the same from the rear wheel to seat tube.

It came with a zeus headset installed and a sugino Bottom Bracket


Any information would be helpful. Has similair lugs to a few hillmans, but The lugs seem to be pretty common. I think the tubing may be tange, as Tange made Champion bottom brackets I think…

I will email the guy I bought it of and see if he remembers anything.

Mcbain. Case closed.

Seriously, no idea. Contact Hillman, see what they have to say. If no dice, paint it up and leave it. Or put whatever stickers you want on it!!

It’s a nice frame regardless of what it is.

Edit: 316 isnt that a grade of steel??? Or tubing. Can’t remember off the top of my head. The 57 on the BB shell would be the size???

I think so too. Lugs points are thinned down a little, seat stay caps & track ends are nicely finished.

316 is a grade of austenitic stainless steel, not used for bike building as it’s mechanical properties generally arn’t as good as standard bike tube materials like 4130, 531 etc

You’ve hit the jackpot with this one a stainless McBain :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a frame with that exact fluro yellow and colnago stickers.
Not sure what it was either.

thought as much!!!

i’m going to sticky this thread so everyone can put their unknown frames in it. good idea!

Good idea

My beater also has champion stamped on the bb. Same dropouts. Different lugs (diamond cut outs) & fork crown. Different seat junction.

Also, it has RC stamped on each fork shoulder.

I can get detailed pics if you want.

I think Mr Wigham did wrap around seat stay ends where it meets the seat post, so could be a Paconi/Cecil Walker/Blucher Koln, but this detail was not exclusive to his frames.

immediate bans for anyone making the mcbain joke?

My guess is some aussie builder. Who? You may never know.
What you have is a steel track frame with some nice finishing/details. Enjoy it for what it is, not what it might be.

On a side note, whatever you used to strip it must have been rough!!

Its name is Gloria?

clearly a colnago

could be anything…im leaning towards an aussie builder though…

I might jump in here to…

Repainted frame Diamond cut outs in the lugs, BB stamped ROTO Italy, italian bb threading and Campy dropouts

Dayne’s Hillman had a very similar BB

Have heard that Miyata have diamond cutouts but I wouldn’t think they would have a Italian BB

Any ideas???


I’d say sand blasted.

nope paint stripper. Why must it have been rough?

and yeh I will just build it up and let it join the world of the unbranded frames. Good idea on the sticky.

^ the metal finish on the BB does not look that smooth.

I would say its due to poor casting rather than poor paint stripping!!

I noticed it on more then the bb, looks like lots of little dimples evrywhere. Wire brush?
Etch primer will get it nice and smoovv