the nod

I’ve been waving hi and saying g’day to all the cyclists as they cruise by - i get nothing?!? what’s going on?

Aren’t bike shops supposed to tell people when they buy a bike: “Wear a helmet and for christ/buddha/allah/jebez’/ sake - give the nod!”

Well if they don’t, they should@!

It’s probably because you’re riding the no brake, low gear bike and you’re wearing those fucking Skins - I bet there’s a Coldplay signature edition.

Also, you have an unsettling grin when you ride. I wouldn’t wave to you if I didn’t know you.

you raise some good points - might even explain the dirty, filthy “you must die” stares I get from ‘serious’ mountain bikers :confused:

But niiIIIiick! i’m having fun, why can’t everyone be happy too?!

what if i got Eddy Travolta to sign my reflective areas? and what’s wrong with the low gear? I love it!

I never said there was anything wrong with it. I built it FFS :slight_smile:

and it’s a fine, fine build indeed - you should give it a go sometime :wink:

[nervous giggle]

absolutely agree Nath, the nod has grown proprtionately smaller as cycling has grown larger… I used to nod to every single cyclists i saw on every single ride cos i felt a kinship with everyone and there wasnt that many of us. Now if I did that I’d nd up with some RSI for sure. I’m sure everyone still feels a kinship with everyone else on two wheels (yes, even motorbikes… c’mon! i know you feel it too!). i now raise my pointer finger ever so slightly off the tops a-la country ute driving farmers when they tear past each other with two wheels in the dust, two wheels on the bitumen… look out for it. i’m not the only one.

I nod, I wave, I blow kisses sometimes (though generally only to people who toot me).

And everytime I see someone on a motorbike nod my way, I just presume it’s Nick because he’s the only person I know who rides one (only problem is, I can’t tell with the helmet and because the bike has a motor it trips that cut-out circuit in my head which prohibits me from remembering anything about it).

i nod to the ‘mo’ club.

Try growing a beard and see the nods you get.