The Oaks Trail - Blue Mountains - CX?

Apparently this is a quite famous trail up in the Blue Mountains. Looking at all the pics I could find I dont see a reason not doing this on my CX bike. Did any of the MTB guys rode this trail and have a bit more inside? It mostly looks like a fireroad with just some rocky bits in between.

Easy done on a CX bike - the last bit of single track is a bit more tech but still doable, or you can just continue on down the fireroad. The last 10km or so of the trail is all downhill,and super fun, you get up some good speeds.

I know someone who rides it regualrly on a singlespeed CX bike and he is as quick or quicker than many mtbers.

Sounds good and I will give it a go in the near future.

You could ride everything but the last bit of single track on a roadie IMO. Also that link that hpallett posted is your new bible when it comes to trails.

Now it sounds boring and yep know the site.