the optimist's thread.

This thread is only for the ridiculously overpriced.

Paconi Track Fixie Campagnolo Cinelli Gipiemme Vintage Bike 700C Clincher | eBay

To be fair this has some nice stuff on it and I’ve seen some far greater “tell 'im he’s dreamin” auction examples. Not saying he’s overly realistic but I reckon you can always go down in price (and maybe off eBay) if you start off too high.

How about this?

Pinarello Montello, Columbus SLX, 1985-6 vintage w dura ace 7400 | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Stonnington Area - South Yarra

I concur the thing is pretty f%&kin mint in the photos.
Great thread idea though

I maintain that no one is going to be paying $2600 for it in this climate.

I concur with Erle on that Paconi. I’m confident in saying if it was listed at half the BIN price, still wouldn’t see a bid. And although there might be some nice stuf on it, it’s a bit of an eyesore IMO.

front wheel is on backwards. would not buy.

Alloy Track Bike With Teny Rims | eBay

Just under $900 for this?

Columbus SLX Classic Retro Road Bike 58cm | eBay

I can’t believe there is a whole shop dedicated to this rubbish.

This takes the cake for me, at least the paconi has got quality if not highly desired parts albeit miss matched to FOA’s taste.

The Paconi is a lovely resto done with a fair bit of detail and patience, but this machine is a joke for the asking price.
the thread OP in a link right there

Not even wheels? I’d have seen that in this thread at even half that price with wheels, holy cow.

And that Kerry Hopkins, BIN for $2000, as above its a nice collection if parts but $2000 is a lot.

Vban Full carbon custom fixed wheel | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Port Phillip - South Melbourne

Not that piece of shit again

^ I didn’t think I’d be the first to discover that…

yeah but the other thread is in appreciation of it…

Agreed, and the ‘no wheels’ bit at the end just takes the cake. haha

Keep an eye out for it in the “on crack” thread.

Malvern Star 1980’s IMPACT Racer | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Tea Tree Gully Area - Golden Grove

About $800 over priced.