The RADelaide 10.

So we’ve all been waiting for JLN to spearhead this but it hasn’t happened.
Anyone want to do something?

Not sure we can be bothered with a grassy BBQ but maybe an easy roll from the Ex to another pub somewhere finishing back at the Wheaty.

Straight down Anzac toward beach. Watermark?
The usual Seaford line route.
Straight shot down Port Rd?
Grange road to beach.
Less direct route maybe Norwood/parklands/Earl of Leicester kind of thing.

Chime in!

Yeah, I’m kinda stuck at home (and I mean that in the best possible way) for the next few weeks… Gotta be sober and on my toes (and not too far away on bike), so no real rides for me.



Take a leaf out of dubrat’s book and run the gauntlet. He was the most popular river looper in Brisbane when Theo was due!

Mmmm…shell fish.

Kinda interested but have Amy’s Ride in the AM.

Under 15’s square leg umpiring/team managing duties for me.
Ease up on the Zoltan, pre parenting is as important and time consuming as parenting.
If ya ain’t got kids , ya not qualified to comment/diss!!!

I’m up for an arvo session.
What time does cricket finish D? be good to catch up!

I’ll just ride ahead of you and move all the poles…

Rides fat bike, bounces off curbs, poles, parked cars…

12 till 5.30 pm. No go for me.