The Red Conversion

Greetings good sirs.

Been lurking around here for quite some time now and thought I’d introduce myself.

Converted this here old road bike I used to ride as an unruly teen about 10 months or so ago.

Nothing special parts wise but she rides nice and smooth.

That looks really nice, I’m about to build another bike with a similar colour combo.

nice bike and nice photography

have i seen this red machine on carlisle st?

very nice

im gonna make a conversion soon for fun with a similar colour combo as well

Can’t go wrong with the red/white.


I work down that way, so if you see me rolling give us a wave.

True, I do like the red an white combo but the white details are giving me the shits, grips/saddle/rims just get so dirty and denim rub off on the saddle is a nightmare…

The new build shall have no white detailing but a decent amount of polished silver and maybe one other colour… simplicity :sunglasses:

red and white are a good combo…nailed it

very nice bike, love the photography!

nice job!

Thought about white tyres? Reckon would look awesome…

Yeah thought of doing the white tyre/rim combo…

At the moment though just focusing on sourcing parts for the new bike, no point spending more on this one…

Looks good.

Nice, clean and simple.

love the setup, another head turner

That’s looks realy good. I want to make second bike just like that.

i dig the build. looks sweet. if you need to off some white parts when it comes time for the new build i am trying to source white parts and bits for a new conversion for myself. so pm me if your interested