The Ring of Gyges

(This is not me asking you to do my homework, my lecturer said I should ask non-philosphy students this question and think about their answers. I’m also interested as to what you guys would say as it’s a much more varied sample than simply my young college neighbours)

The Ring of Gyges is a tale told by Glaucon to Socrates to demonstrate that people only act morally and justly because society expects it of them. Glaucon argued that if someone possessed this ring that allowed them to become completely invisible and do what they want with NO repercussions that what society perceives as an unjust man and a just man would act the same if given the ring as humans are inherently selfish.

Now my question to you is

Would it be in YOUR interest to be moral if you possessed the ring of Gyges? and why.

Here is a link to a more in depth summary
Summary of Plato’s Ring of Gyges | A Philosopher’s Blog

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