The Road From Karakol


Anyone with a spare 25 minutes and an interest in the road less travelled should watch this vid. Its a goodie.

That was so awesome


Thanks for that, love it

I think Blakey sent me this a while ago with instructions to watch it…

I didn’t. whoops.

I don’t think I’ve seen a video that’s made me want to run away from home more than that one.

Fuck yeah - this brings together so much of what I like. I’ve often thought about a similar trip but riding the Karakoram highway from Islamabad to Kashgar (or probably reverse, downhill!), stopping along the way to head up glaciers and climb shit - eg, the Batura Glacier, one of the most amazing places in the world, terminates right on the side of the Karakoram highway, and the Hunza valley is just down the road!

Gotta say though Kyle Dempster is one of the best alpinists in the world, so he makes that climbing look pretty damn easy. Puts it into perspective when he calmly soloes those alpine routes after shitting himself in the rivers.

From when I was up Batura way in 2005 (no bike though):

Travelling by bus can suck, but sometimes it’s alright:

17:37 of the vid, right in the feels


Diddy, did you climb one of those peaks up Batura way?!

Great shots BTW. Looks like epic country. Love to go there one day.

About to watch this with the wife. She isn’t keen - but I bet she will love it by the end.

Yup - she loved it, but thought the dude was a little crazy.

Yeah I climbed a small 6000er up there. Pretty amazing.